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In & Around Chartridge

In this section we plan to add information useful to both residents and visitors.  

We’d like to list local groups, clubs, classes, business and service providers. 

If you are interested in being listed please contact us 

In and Around Chartridge: Text
Blooming Garden
Working on Bean Bag Chairs
Bronze Artwork

New to the area?

This section will explain how you can quickly get orientated with the local area .

It will offer short cuts to those important piece of local information you need find quickly.

Groups & Classes

There are many groups and classes in the Chartridge areas.

With the organiser's permission we will start listing them here.

Businesses & Service Providers

There's nothing more powerful than word-of-mouth to bolster your local reputation.

We will invite businesses and local service providers to list themselves here, and where possible, endorse by a local reference.

In and Around Chartridge: Get Involved
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