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Chartridge Village Residents Association (CVRA)
Welcomes You

We currently taking steps to update this new web site,
and we hope you'll come with us on that journey.

The Chartridge Village Residents Association (CVRA) is a growing group of volunteers who share the aim of creating a supportive and inclusive community to benefit everyone living in and around Chartridge. 
Why not consider getting involved in a way that suits you. See the 'About Us' section below. 

We are in the process of updating this new web site. It’s intentionally minimalist at the moment as we would love you to be involved in developing the content.  Please take a look around and submit your ideas to    
We plan to update the pages during 2021. 

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About Us

CVRA at a glance

CVRA is a group of volunteers who share the aim of creating a supportive and inclusive community to benefit everyone living in and around Chartridge.  
Over the years we’ve organised events that bring people together, such as the Pond Parties, the Dog show and Christmas drinks.  More recently, during COVID-19 we’ve instigated a number of ZOOM activities allowing people to stay connected.  
In 2021 we’re discussing what social events might be of interest to local residents once the lockdown rules ease. We’d welcome your ideas.

Volunteers Packing Food
Home: Who We Are

Latest News

A number of conversations are underway in and around Chartridge, all aiming to strike the balance of making best use of local assets yet also meeting the needs of residents. 

When we have permission from the organisers we'll list their stories in this section

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Upcoming Events

COVID-19 saw social events go online.
With the organisers permission we'll list their events in this section

If you have an upcoming event think about promoting it here.  

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In and around Chartridge

This area of the web site will help residents, visitors and those working in the locality. It will list local groups and classes, highlight services that have been recommended by others, and help you get orientated if you are new to the area.

New To The Area?

Community Service

Local Groups & Classes

Nurse Talking to Patient

Local  Businesses & Service Providers

The Streets
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We print and post a seasonal village newsletter, packed with local news. 
All are welcome to submit articles for inclusion in the next issue.

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Contact Us

Get in touch with Chartridge Village Residents Association to learn more about our work and how you can get involved. Simply email us at the below address.

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